Victorian French Hats, French Hat, Antique, French Blue, 16051

Small French hat in Ivory with Antique French Blue

This style is one of my most popular French hats.  It is a small ivory straw hat with Antique French Blue. This hat is worn on top of the head or off to the side. The crown of the hat is Antique lace over French Blue satin, antique French Blue flowers and a blue bow, French Blue ostrich  and a big antique beige satin bow on the back.

The narrow brim is pushed up on the sides giving it a longer narrow look. It comes with an elastic band so you can pull it under your hair or the nap of your neck in the back. When wearing it you can tilt it forward a bit or angle it a bit on the side for a sassy look.

Measurements are about 7” wide and 10” front to back.

#16051    Price: $79

Hats are made after an order is received.

It takes about 2 weeks for US delivery.

International orders please email for shipping rates.


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