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What is Steampunk?

It is the most famous new trend that you've never heard of. For those in the know it has been around for years. For others, it's "steam what"?

It is.........

steampunk is a genre of fiction. The term 'steampunk' was first coined to describe a genre of fantasy and exploratory fiction that was influenced by the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

My steampunk hats are mostly made on felt hat frames, then I add goggles, various genuine clock parts, pheasant and ostrich feathers and more.......

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In my Steampunk Shop you will find Steampunk Hats and Victorian Hats that will get you excited to try it on. After all you have waited about 2 weeks to receive  it. Most customers tell me the hats are more beautiful than the pictures you see. I hope you will feel the same way when yours arrives.

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Why don't you give one of my hats a try?  I know you won't regret it. 


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